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Customer survey software enables businesses and companies to effectively collect and monitor in a convenient way customer feedback.

Why is customer feedback vital? True, it is not enough to have the right product - you need to deliver it to the right customer. This part of the task is very often underestimated by managers and business owners. Accurate, complete and detailed customer profile usually results in a better return of investment and contributes to the growth of the business in general.

What is the easiest and most cost effective way for a company to collect feedback from its customers? Since nowadays most, if not all, companies own web sites and/or have their own e-commerce projects, the best solution is often an online customer survey. CreateSurvey offers professional software for conducting web surveys. To do it, create a survey with just a simple browser and provide a link to it from your web site (or embed the survey into the site itself). While respondents visit the questionnaire and complete it, their responses are available to you for monitoring and analysis 24 hours a day.

Intuitive interface, quick and easy publishing method, and prepared survey templates make the task even easier.

Sample 1. Typical customer profile survey:

Sample 2. Customer satisfaction survey providing general information on the company:

Sample 3. Customer feedback on the product is useful to analyze the possibility of repeat purchase:

Sample 4. Customer buying experience survey reveals the level of service:

Sample 5. Survey analysis report:

How CreateSurvey helps:

  • Quick templates - create your survey in a minute using prepared survey templates
  • Easy interafce - no advanced computer skills required to build even a complex survey!
  • Real-time results - view results instantly as respondents submit them
  • Downloadable results - export your results sheet into an MS Excel, SPSS, StarOffice/OpenOffice, or similar file
  • Your individual needs anywhere, anytime - custom survey programming services for pro subscribers
  • Much more!

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