Privacy Policy

Information Collection

CreateSurvey collects and stores the client's ("Surveyor") name, email, address, and phone number. This information is only used to contact the Surveyor and is treated as highly confidential. We will by no means share it with any third parties.

Survey Responses

Survey responses are available to Surveyors and CreateSurvey administration staff. CreateSurvey does NOT disclose surveys and/or survey data, (including responses and summaries), to third parties.

All Surveyors are responsible for the proper use of customer data that has been collected through their surveys, including personally identifiable information. As a condition of using the CreateSurvey services, Surveyors agree to use the Respondent Data in a responsible manner and for the benefit of their customers.

IP Addresses and Cookies

CreateSurvey tracks the IP addresses of both Surveyors and respondents in order to determine the location of the IP address by country.

Cookies are used to save session parameters of Surveyors, and to identify each respondent uniquely if survey preferences allow only one answer per unique visitor.