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This is the information age. Everyone uses information to make decisions about the future. If our information is accurate, we have a high probability of making a good decision. If our information is inaccurate, our ability to make a correct decision is diminished. Better information leads to better decisions, and, consequently, better results, in all kinds of activity.

For decades, mail and telephone surveys have been the only kind of gathering information from groups of people. While they still have some advantages, Internet surveys are becoming more and more popular. This is undoubtedly the most cost effective and fastest method of distributing a survey to a large focus group, be it customers, clients, partners, web site visitors, product or service testers, etc. The greatest strengths of online survey data collection are the potential to collect a large amount of data in a relatively short amount of time, and the elimination of the necessity for researchers to enter or process the data. Another advantage is the anonymity that is inherent to the Internet: if your research involves deviant phenomena (e.g., alcoholism, cheating on one’s partner), the privacy afforded by the computer may make it easier for respondents to admit to socially proscribed feelings or behaviors.

CreateSurvey is the Internet survey software tool designed to provide amateurs and professionals with powerful tools for conducting Internet surveys. From now, there is nothing easier than creating an effective and good-looking survey, provided you have a PC with a simple browser installed, and a set of questions.

Sample Surveys:

Sample 1. Typical customer profile survey:

Sample 2. Online purchase evaluation survey:

Sample 3. Survey analysis report:

How CreateSurvey helps:

  • Quick templates - create your survey in a minute using prepared survey templates
  • Easy interafce - no advanced computer skills required to build even a complex survey!
  • Real-time results - view results instantly as respondents submit them
  • Downloadable results - export your results sheet into an MS Excel, SPSS, StarOffice/OpenOffice, or similar file
  • Your individual needs anywhere, anytime - custom survey programming services for pro subscribers
  • Much more!

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