Social Survey

You need to know what a large group or population are likely to think about political, social, moral, religious or scientific issues? Social surveys, such as opinion polls or questionnaires, are widely used to attain this goal, since they are cheap, fast, and very cost effective.

CreateSurvey allows to create and run a social survey online. Free 14 days evaluation mode allows to test its basic capabilities, while the Pro subscription opens a depth of features including custom design and programming that may fit any organization's needs.

Sample 1. Customer profile survey:

Sample 2. Parental habits, family atmosphere and educational priorities survey:

Sample 3. Survey analysis report:

How CreateSurvey helps:

  • Quick templates - create your survey in a minute using prepared survey templates
  • Easy interafce - no advanced computer skills required to build even a complex survey!
  • Real-time results - view results instantly as respondents submit them
  • Downloadable results - export your results sheet into an MS Excel, SPSS, StarOffice/OpenOffice, or similar file
  • Your individual needs anywhere, anytime - custom survey programming services for pro subscribers
  • Much more!

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