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CreateSurvey presents a powerful, yet easy to manage set of software tools for conducting surveys online. Our survey software is an all-in-one solution for creating, publishing, and monitoring questionnaires using the means of the Internet. The main advantage of CreateSurvey is that you do not need to have advanced computer skills or special software installed on your machine. You just log into your account at a hosted web service using a standard web browser and work with your surveys and data online.

There are three steps that separate you from your first survey:


There are two major ways in which you create a new survey - either on your own or using Survey Templates. When editing survey on your own, you start with a blank page which you fill with new elements, such as questions, comments, and images. There are several types of questions such as:

  • Single choice: The respondent selects one answer from a set of options by marking a radio button.
  • Single choice - drop down list: The respondent selects one answer from a set of options in a drop-down list.
  • Multiple choice: The respondent selects one or several answers by checking boxes that correspond to the right answer(s).
  • Single line text: Open-ended response type: the respondent writes his answer into an input string in his own words.
  • Multi-line text: An extended version of the previous item - text box consisting of multiple lines.
  • Matrix: The matrix is a table set of response options, which may be either check boxes, or radio groups. The respondent must fill each row by either checking these boxes or marking one radio button in a row.

Using templates is another way to create a survey. A template is a ready set of questions, all you need is to fill in your company, product, etc. You may also edit or delete questions, if needed. There are about 20 templates for you to choose from, grouped into categories:

  • Customer Evaluation
  • Employee Evaliation
  • Internet, Website
  • Marketing, Company Issues
  • Product/Service Development
  • Other

While working on a survey, you may employ other useful features as:

Images and formatting


Using Different Languages

For more on creating new surveys, please refer to:
Sample Web Surveys
List of available survey templates
Additional Services


To publish a survey means to make it available to respondents. There are two ways to do it:

  • (1) Give your respondents the link that leads them to the survey page.
  • (2) Embed the survey code into your own website so that the visitors may answer it right there.

You may keep in mind that all your surveys are located on the CreateSurvey site, so you may or may not have a page of your own.


Once a survey is created and published to the web, and respondents start to answer it, their responses are collected and monitored in the real time mode.

CreateSurvey allows a rich set of options for detailed and accurate viewing results, including:

  • Summary real-time report
  • Results by individual respondent
  • Date filtering
  • Custom order of responses in report
  • Tracking respondent's country, browser and OS type
  • Exporting results for viewing offline (spreadsheet or comma-separated files)

The following screenshots reveal some of the features:

Summary results:

Date filter:

Exported results sheet:

See also: Results page sample

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